Alus SPA

A real Latvian has always been on close terms with beer. Beer is always mentioned in our folk songs, daily work, the most important events and holidays, in the magic triad (tears, songs and beer) from the popular song of the Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls, and even in the family, where beer is called the "elder brother". Judging by our love for this highly wholesome, irreplaceable and cheerful beverage, our ancestors had never lived in the Stone Age. They had rather lived in the Beer Age. And now, our century threatens to become the same. Why? The answer is simple: it is due to the inviting, fragrant and incredibly good Beer SPA that has been opened in the very centre of Riga opposite the Vermansky Park!

As it has already been mentioned, no one asks why beer. But why the Beer SPA – you will learn here and now since people, having personally tried this out, are usually utterly speechless for some time…



Here you will be able to immerse yourself in a warm beer bath, the aroma of beer, bubbles and sensations simultaneously quenching thirst with a glass of cool beer; to have a rest in a "breathing" and natural straw bed, enjoy interesting and valuable beer SPA procedures, which will open not only pores, but also will give a totally new outlook on life; and take a steam bath using beer-soaked birch brooms and brooms made of other medicinal plants, or simply visit us just to have a glass of the best and most invigorating beer!
To ensure that beer is of the best quality and contains the most valuable compounds, we collaborate with those who best of all know, brew and, the main thing, love beer more than anyone, i.e. Valmiermuiža. In our turn, to give you the unprecedented sensations, treat you to a unique adventure, and give a fair amount of health to your body and the same substantial dose of good health and happiness to your mind, we want you to visit us!

Laipni gaidīti!

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