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Bath house and beer are two values that are always mentioned in our ancestors' records if the question is leisure, relaxation, physical and spiritual revival, and special holidays. Having combined both these things into one, holidays and the obtained effect also double. Probably, it explains why after enjoying steam bathing with beer-soaked birch brooms and brooms made of other medicinal plants it is possible to become intoxicated with happiness. What exactly creates this sensation of happiness?



It is undoubtedly the heat of the plank beds and warmth in the heart as well as the unique aroma of beer. However, the most staggering sensations are born while steam bathing with "beer" brooms, which in reality may be called a full-body massage with beer, when the body is covered with a thin layer of beer and a fresh broom used as an outstanding massage instrument pleasantly massages all the valuable beer components and vitamins right into your skin. Enjoy your bath!

Enjoy your bath


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