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What Is Beer SPA Procedure?
It is an original SPA therapy allowing not only to relax after a stressful working day, have a rest and restore physical and spiritual forces, but also to improve general health. It is especially recommended to supplement this procedure with body wraps and massage therapy. Just like it should be after a bath, muscles and joints are relaxed and heated; therefore, with the help of a massage it will be possible to achieve the effect especially favourable for strengthening and restoring of the body.
After a beer bath, when pores are opened and the skin is more elastic, the time is ripe to nourish, restore and give even more pleasure to your body. Therefore, to strengthen the medicinal and cosmetic effects of beer, we offer you procedures saturated with three sensations and favourable effects as follows:

During these procedures your body will be satiated with irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins and other compounds necessary for your health and well-being; whereas, your spirit will be filled with energy, vitality and cheerfulness. Beer has calming and hypnotic effects on the human body reducing pain, contributing to digestion, decreasing sweating and preventing plaque formation. These procedures will help you preserve the youth of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, will have a long-lasting moistening effect on the skin, reduce skin pores and broaden your outlook on life.

Please make prior appointment for said procedures!


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